Fan Club Store

Shop with Scrip
We will be offering "Shop with Scrip" gift card purchases about once a
month this season.  Check out the Shop With Scrip website Shop With Scrip
and at the bottom where it says Quick Links, click either on Retailer List or
Retailer List by Category to see what is available.  Make your selections and
see Karen Clarks at the raffle table to place your order or for more information.  The
rebate percentages shown on each retailer is what the club gets when ordering
through Karen.  Excellent for gift giving or personal use.

See the selection at the raffle table.  Only $5.00 each.  Batteries are also
available for purchase.

Hockey Fights Cancer Pins

Show your support for Hockey Fights Cancer.  Only $10.00 each at the raffle

New Buttons
Check out our newest buttons, all are unique designs created by our own Belinda Hanley.
Only $5.00 at our raffle table.

Belinda has designed a Tote Bag for the Fan club and will be taking orders at the raffle table.  Price is $10 at the Raffle Table.  Quantity is limited so get yours early. This is a unique way to show your Fan Club membership as well as support our club.